Loqr was considered by site empreendedor, one of the 7 startups to observe in  Portugal in 2016.

See the complete article at the link below: http://www.empreendedor.com/index.php?page_id=5065&item_id=1629

Loqr is an authentication feature that seems to transform the user experience! Ricardo is the man behind the brand and you should meet him to learn how to be a strategist and a doer at the same time. We don’t know if Loqr will be a rocket startup  but it will ethe way how people authenticate.

Loqr is the only Single Factor and / or Multi Factor Authentication solution that simplifies the entire Authentication process, allowing business to deploy Secure Authentication mechanisms without annoying their users.

It’s just Authentication made Simple!

With loqr the smartphone is the center of the authentication solution. Single Factor or Multi Factor, user always do the exact same steps (or should we say gesture) to authenticate. With loqr, web sites are free to decide their adequate level of increased security without annoying users. Let’s Try it.

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