Ubber White was present in Lisbon Fashion and Design Show, a 5 day event being held from 7th October to the 11th October 2015 at the FIL – Nations Park in Lisbon, Portugal. This event is a reference in the Fashion and Design Industries industries.

Paula Mourão sustain that Ubber White is a brand that aims to create crafty artwork with an individual and irreverent touch. An exquisite taste for unique workpieces with traces and materials that bring emotions and sensations to the user. Ubber White emerges from a spontaneous will to do something different, irreverent and with high artistic level. This big adventure is a simple materialization of our dreams, along with a raising awareness that there was an idea, a concept and the tools to apply it. Our desire is that our client can wear art in all the different and imaginary ways. We would like each article to be a unique and exclusive item to each individual.


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